MANRS Course in Portugal – 21/11/2019

On November 21, 2019 from 9h30 to 17h30 a course on MANRS training for operators, PIXs, big enterprise and universities networks operators took place at Hotel dos Capuchos, Costa da Caparica, Portugal.

The course was organised by the Portuguese Chapter of the Internet Society with the help of the European Bureau of Internet Society.

The course was free of charge for ISOC PT guests and accepted attendees. Free lunch, coffee breaks and useful and helpful companionship were included.

The course attendance was by invitation only. Attendants should have a good understanding of Inter-AS routing (e.g. BGP) and route advertisements, peering rules, address prefix assignments, etc.

Course contents

Module 1: Introduction to MANRS

Module 2: IRRs, RPKI, and PeeringDB

Module 3: Global Validation: Facilitating validation of routing information on a global scale

Module 4: Filtering: Preventing propagation of incorrect routing information

Module 5: Anti-Spoofing: Preventing traffic with spoofed source IP addresses

Module 6: Coordination: Global communication between network operators

The instructor

Massimiliano Stucchi operators – ISOC Europe Regional Technical Advisor-Europe

Massimiliano “Max” Stucchi joined the Internet Society in 2019 as Technical Advisor for the European Bureau. His previous experiences are as a trainer and IPv6 Programme Manager at the RIPE NCC, and before that he was the founder and technical director of a small Internet Service Provider and Wireless Internet Service Provider in Northern Italy.

Max is a long time Unix fellow, with a specific love for FreeBSD and OpenBSD, which he’s been using for around 20 years now. His interest also cover BGP, Routing Security, DNS and of course, IPv6. If possible, he tries to contribute to the development of these technologies by participating in the IETF.

In his past, Max used to be an official football referee for the Italian Football Federation, but he quit when he moved to the Netherlands for work. Now, when he’s not in front of a keyboard, you can find him trying to get back in shape by running or mountain biking in the woods around his house.